Vehicle Delivery

Vehicle Delivery Process

The purchase of a vehicle is generally the second biggest purchase most people ever make.  While salespeople deliver cars every day, the customer may only pick up a car every few years.  It is the salespersons responsibility to ensure that everything runs smoothly and make it special for the customer.  The vehicle delivery process is also critical to achieving a good CSI score.

  • Keep the customer informed throughout the delivery process.

  • Under promise and over deliver.

Source the vehicle

  • New vehicle may need to be sourced if the car purchased was not in stock. This can be either from another dealer or ordered from the factory.

Finance Approval

  • The business manager may need to get the finance approved.

Schedule the Delivery

  • Schedule the date and time for delivery and co-ordinate with all relevant staff ie. sales person, sales manager, business manager, aftermarket consultant, registration clerk, stock controller, workshop manager, parts manager.

  • Be mindful of month end delivery and vehicle reporting cut offs for bonus payments.

  • Ensure all required paperwork is received prior to delivery eg registration and business manager paperwork.

Get Ready

  • New cars need to be pre delivered.

  • Attach any accessories.

  • Apply any aftermarket products.

  • Conduct road worthy inspections for used and demo vehicles.

  • Ensure vehicle has correct level of fuel per dealership policy.

Day of Delivery

  • Register the vehicle and attach the number plates.

  • Check that the vehicle title is clear and unencumbered.

  • The salesperson should perform a quality check of the vehicle prior to delivery.

  • Ring the customer 3 hours prior to delivery to confirm appointment.

Customer Arrival

Go around the car and personalise vehicle settings for the customer eg.

  • Setting radio stations

  • Adjusting seating

  • Adjusting mirrors

  • Bluetooth

  • Temperature

Manufacturer Survey

Go through the manufacturer’s survey they will receive and explain that the factory considers anything less than 9 as a fail. Go through each area and ask if there is any reason why they can’t score you 100% satisfied.

Check the trade in

  • Ensure the customer has retrieved all of their property from the trade.

  • Check the trade in to ensure that it is in the same condition as when it was appraised ie. no additional damage.

Business manager delivery processes

  • Check the contract and ensure that final payment is clear funds and agrees with balance payable.

  • Ensure all finance paperwork is completed.

  • Ensure customers insurance is in place.

Introduction to Service and Parts

  • Consider setting the first service at the service counter when you introduce them to the service department.

Referral program information

  • Consider providing a keyring with website and spotters referral program information.

Social Media

  • Take a photo of the customer with their car to put on your facebook page.

  • Consider offering small incentives to receive a google and facebook reviews.


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