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Department Performance Reviews

As complex businesses, there are many internal and external factors that drive dealership performance.  To improve dealership profitability it is important that managers are held accountable for operational results.

Conducting departmental performance reviews can identify specific areas for improvement and provide the basis for ongoing strategic and operational business planning.

The competitive nature of the Australian Motor Industry requires leaders within the dealership to continually look for ways to improve their operations and gain a competitive advantage.

Business Planning

Business Planning is an essential part of dealership management that provides a shared vision of success and focus.

Dealers need to prepare business plans for a variety of purposes and stakeholders including Manufacturers, Finance Companies, Dealer Principals and Department Managers.  Understanding the intended objectives and audience for each plan is critical.

A business planning framework can be used to coordinate department operational plans with overall dealership strategic plans.  This framework provides a information hierarchy that enables stakeholders to work together at different levels of detail.

Benchmark Budgeting and KPI Programs

Timely and accurate management reporting systems are essential to allow dealerships to maximise opportunities and monitor business performance.

Management reports should incorporate industry benchmarks in addition to operational budgets in order to identify areas for improvement and evaluate actual results against business plans.

Budgeting and KPI programs take a variety of forms including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow, Department Performance, Employee Performance, Stock Performance, Expense breakdowns, WIP analysis, Aged Accounts Receivable and Payable and Payroll reporting.

Dealer Accountant Training

It is imperative for dealerships to have strong financial leadership in order to be successful.

The dealership accountant should be involved in all facets of the business in order to provide advice and support to department managers and improve overall profitability and operational efficiency.

Getting new staff up to speed as soon as possible is critical to the ongoing operations of both the dealership administration department and the business as a whole.

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Many dealership department managers have worked their way up from the bottom, to become the key leaders within the business.

In today’s competitive environment it is important that business leaders continually improve their skills and knowledge base in order to stay ahead.

Critical to a dealers success will be the ability of its leadership team to work together and be able to operate at both strategic and operational levels within the business.

Cash Flow Management Reviews

Cash is the lifeblood of every dealership.  The complexity of operations and relatively high value of vehicle sales transactions require dealerships to maintain excellent financial and cash management controls.

Accounts receivable, accounts payable, work in progress, excess vehicle and parts stock holding, floorplan payouts, capital loan repayments and bank reconciliations are all areas that require active monitoring to maintain dealership liquidity.

Cost Reduction Reviews

As market conditions change it is imperative that businesses proactively manage their expenditure to maintain profitability and operational capabilities.

Changes in Information technology impact business on a daily basis allowing for faster communication, improved employee efficiency and potential for expense reduction.

Expense Analysis, supplier reviews and contract renegotiation can provide substantial improvements to the bottom line of your business.

Specialist Dealer Projects

All organisations need to constantly review their environment and identify opportunities for improvement.

Projects may include franchise applications, dealership upgrade and construction, business refinance applications, business restructure planning, department process improvement, IT system change, digital marketing and website reviews.

Dealers who embrace change using project management techniques can stay ahead of the competition and maximise business performance.


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