Presenting the Proposal

Every dealership will have their own procedure for creating and setting out the proposal.  Whatever system is used it is important that it is consistent and is presented well.

The proposal should include a detailed description of the vehicle and all relevant figures:

  • Manufacturer’s RRP.

  • Options

  • Accessories

  • Dealer delivery fees

  • Government charges

  • Discount

  • Advertised Drive away Price

  • Trade In Amount

  • Trade In Loan Payout

  • Deposit

  • Cash Balance / Change Over


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Overcoming Objections

At this point the customer may raise an objection ie. the price is too high, I wanted more for my trade or I need to think about it or talk to my partner or accountant.  It is important to develop strategies to overcome these objections and move the sales process forward.

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Any real objections that can’t be overcome may need to negotiated.  Dealership’s often use a referral system where the salesperson will ask the customer ‘what if questions’ that are then checked with the sales manager to see if they can be achieved.  It is important that dealerships have a clear policy on pricing authority ie. any discounts from advertised price must be authorised by the sales manager.

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Different sales managers use different closing techniques.  Sales managers should identify their preferred strategies for closing the sale and continually monitor sales performance and make improvements as necessary.

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Ensure all paperwork is completed correctly ie. contract, registration instruction, customer drivers licence, cooling off forms (if applicable), statutory warranty forms (if applicable), etc.  You do not want a deal to fall over or lose manufacturer bonus payments due to poor paperwork procedures.




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