Product Presentation

Disc Profiling

A salesperson should adapt their style to the customer’s personality.

The DISC personality model can help you assess a customer’s personality.

DISC Personality

Online Resource

DISC Profiling Explained


Product Knowledge

Excellent product knowledge is essential in order to identify suitable vehicles and then tailor your presentation to customer’s specific needs and wants.

Product knowledge Sources:

  • Manufacturer websites

  • Brochures

  • Franchise Training

  • Vehicle Log and Warranty Books

  • Pricing Cards

  • Third Party Websites eg. Carsales, Motoring, ANCAP,etc

Identify features of particular models and the advantage that relates to a feature.

Tailoring your Presentation

Use a combination of FAB:

  • Features

  • Advantages

  • Benefits


  • Safety

  • Performance

  • Appearance

  • Comfort

  • Economy

  • Durability

To identify potential benefits to a customer that relate to a particular feature and advantage.

Online Resources

FAB Explained

SPACED Explained


Walkaround Presentation – Six Position Sell

Use FAB and SPACED as you walk around the car starting from the front of the vehicle and finishing with the customer sitting in the drivers seat.

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How to structure a walk-around presentation

Walk Around Presentation

How to do a six position sell

Vehicle Presentation


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