Business Manager Introduction

Business Manager Introduction

The performance of the F&I department is critical to overall dealership profitability.

Dealerships need to develop sales procedures that maximise the finance and insurance opportunity on every vehicle sold.

Finance and Insurance companies should have experienced trainers that can provide best practice procedures for sales department introductions to the business manager.

The salesperson should explain to the customer the business manager’s role in providing options for finance and insurance, checking paperwork and receipting deposits.

Have sales person brief the business manager on relevant information:

  • What vehicle is the customer purchasing?

  • Is the customer trading a vehicle?

  • Does the customer have a loan at present?

  • Who is the loan through?

  • What are the monthly repayments?

  • What is the payout figure?

  • What do they do for a living?

  • Any other rapport information salesperson has found out?


  • Consider introducing the business manager earlier in the sales road to the sale eg. to copy drivers licence before test drive.

  • Ensure that 100% of customers are introduced to the business manager.

  • The business manager needs to follow their own “road to the sale” presentation ie. meet and greet, build rapport, product demonstration etc.

  • Use menu selling to provide customers with options.

  • Ensure the business manager’s office looks professional with relevant sales tools that explain features, advantages and benefits of the products.

  • A strong relationship between sales department and business manager is essential for success in both departments.

  • Consider sales person and sales manager incentives (or penalties) for their support (or lack of) for professional business manager introductions and penetration.

  • Try and schedule deliveries away from the busiest selling times to allow business manager’s more time to go through their demonstration.


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