Test your Test Drive

The sales department should have designated test drive routes that take into account the type of vehicle and traffic conditions. eg. highway route, hilly route, twist & turns route.

Ensure that you get a copy of the customer’s drivers licence prior to the test drive.  Many dealerships use the F&I business manager to copy the licence as a way of introducing them to the customer early in the road to the sale.

It is important that the vehicle is prepared and ready to be taken for a test drive.  Check fuel, interior temperature, cleanliness, seating position and trade plates.  Ask one of the other sales people to get the car for you so you can stay with the customer.

The salesperson should drive first and continue to use FAB (Features, Advantages and Benefits) in line with the customer’s buying needs.

Half way through the salesperson should pull over, adjust seats and mirrors and have the customer drive.

Take the opportunity half way back to the dealership to ask trial close questions to gauge the customer’s thinking.


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