Used Sales KPIs

  • Delivery Target

    Number of Vehicles Delivered in a Month
    Target: Achieve Dealership Delivery Target
  • Average Gross

    Total Vehicle Gross / Total Vehicles Sold
    Target: $2500 (Varies by Dealer Type)
  • Days Supply

    (Total Number of Vehicles in Stock / Total Vehicles Sold in a Month) * 30
    Target: 50 Days Supply
  • Aged Stock

    Number of Vehicles over 60 days / Total Vehicles in Stock
    Target: Less than 10%
  • Deliveries per Salesperson per Month

    Total Vehicles Sold per Month / Total Number of Salespeople
    Target: 14
  • Closing Ratio

    Number of Customer Enquires / Total Vehicles Sold
    Target: 35%
  • Floorplan Expense per Vehicle Delivered

    Total Floorplan Expense / Total Vehicles Delivered
    Target: $125 per Vehicle Delivered
  • Advertising Expense per Vehicle Delivered

    Total Advertising Expense / Total Vehicles Delivered
    Target: $250 per vehicle Delivered


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