Service KPIs

  • Number of RO’s per Day

    Number of Repair Orders Per Day
    Target: Varies by PMA size (Review against PMA OEM Vehicle Carpark or OEM PMA Sales History * Customer Retention KPI)
  • Average Hours Sold per RO

    Total Labour Hours Sold / Total RO’s (Breakdown by RO Type ie. Retail, Warranty, Internal)
    Target: Greater than 2 Hours (Varies by OEM Franchise -Compare against Competition)
  • Average Labour Rate

    Total Labour Sales / Total RO’s (Breakdown by RO Type ie. Retail, Warranty, Internal)
    Target: Varies by OEM Franchise and Dealer Location (Compare against Competition)
  • Labour Gross %

    (Total Labour Sales – Total Labour COS) / Total Labour Sales
    Target: 76%
  • Productivity

    Number of Hours Clocked / Number of Hours Available
    Target: Greater than 95%
  • Efficiency

    Number of Hours Sold / Number of Hours Costed
    Target: Greater than 105%
  • Unapplied Time

    (Number of Hours Available – Number of Hours Clocked) / Number of Hours Available
    Target: Less than 5%
  • Technician Labour Gross per Month

    Total Technician Labour Gross per Month
    Target: $12500
  • Productive to Non Productive Ratio

    Number of Productive Service Staff / Number of Non Productive Service Staff
    Target: 2 : 1
  • Technician to Service Advisor Ratio

    Number of Technicians / Number of Service Advisors
    Target: 5 : 1
  • Customer Retention

    Total Vehicles Sold Returning for Service / Total Vehicles Sold
    1st Year Target:   92%
    2nd Year Target:  85%
    3rd Year Target:   73%
    4th Year Target:   54%
    5th Year Target:   45%
  • Policy Rework % of Service Gross

    Total Policy Rework Expense / Total Service Gross
    Target: Less than 2%
  • CSI

    Total Number of High Scoring Customer Surveys / Total Number of Customer Surveys
    Target: Greater than OEM National CSI Average

Service Workshop

Dealership Coaching

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