Aftermarket Introduction and Presentation

Improving Aftermarket Performance

With the highly competitive nature of new car sales, the effect third party websites (ie. Carsales) has had on used car sales, and ASIC’s focus on increased regulation on finance and insurance products, aftermarket has become a key department for retaining gross within the dealership.

Despite this, many sales and F&I staff do not place a high priority on ensuring that every customer is introduced properly to the aftermarket consultant.

Generally your aftermarket product supplier will be able to provide quality training materials and best practice dealership procedures to maximise gross in the aftermarket department.

Sales managers must ensure that these procedures are implemented and followed.

  • Ensure that 100% of customers are introduced to the aftermarket consultant.

  • Have the aftermarket consultant look at the trade in vehicle to identify issues with the vehicle that aftermarket products could have prevented.

  • Have sales person brief the aftermarket consultant on relevant information eg. how the customer uses their car, where the car will operate, what they do for a living etc.

  • The aftermarket consultant needs to follow their own “road to the sale” presentation ie. meet and greet, build rapport, product demonstration etc.

  • Most dealerships use menu selling of both individual items in addition to packages of multiple items.

  • Have a vehicle with products located in the showroom to allow for physical demonstration by aftermarket consultant.

  • Consider sales person and sales manager incentives (or penalties) for their support (or lack of) for professional aftermarket introductions and penetration.


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